Montrell (Band)

okt 2019

Alex Moorse – drums
Jonny P Taylor – rhythm
Michael Kurtz – lead
Sam Delves – bass

The band formed gradually after an actor, a producer, a tennis coach and an art history student saw each other perform at a handful of shows in London, and were inspired enough to make a record together.

Montrell’s first EP is the result of Jonny’s lofi demos rearranged by the band, and recorded in a studio beneath the cobbles of Chagford Street. Chorused and distorted guitars blend with smooth, reverby vocals and brutally honest lyrics.

Having cut their teeth at intimate performances like Sofar Sounds, they are now captivating larger audiences at Paper Dress Vintage, Servant Jazz Quarters and Sebright Arms. Spring 2019 they toured Germany and were chosen by London’s Citadel Festival to headline one of their tents.

Enjoying the phased sounds of Tame Impala, the feathery drums of Steely Dan and the lyrics of Matt Maltese, they are now shaping their second EP — releasing soon.

The guys end the year on another tour through Holland, Germany, and UK.

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